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  1. The XFC has changed a format for the competition for 2014!

    21.06.2015 в 14:19

    Old: (2) 4 minute flights – 1 with known maneuvers and 1 without, (both were choreographed to music)

    New: (3) 3 minute flights consisting of the following:
    1) Known maneuvers – without music
    2) Freestyle – Choreographed with music
    3) Smack – Pilots flight to impress the judges. (Can be flown with or without music.

    This should give more flexibility to the competitors, and the winner will be the person who can execute all 3 flights the best!

    XFC Airplane Known Maneuvers
    Must be performed in a 3 minute flight window

    Horizontal Knife Edge 8
    Starting upright/level from either left or right, the model rolls to Knife Edge. The model executes a 90 degree KE turn away from the judges and centered directly in front. The model executes a 180 degree roll (pilot’s option on ...

    Обновлено 14.06.2016 в 09:16 [ARG:5 UNDEFINED]

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