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  1. Земля на регуляторах.

    09.12.2015 в 15:56
    Почему нужно подключать сигнальный земляной провод, и почему "а у меня и без него работает".

    I do that type of scope measurement and we have a saying, "ground is not ground is not ground". Meaning there is ALWAYS a Potential difference between two points if any current flows (Ohm Law: E = I*R).

    In the first case in the above diagrams, The ESC is switching high current and drawing that current through the power leads. The current flow causes a Voltage drop on both the Red and Black wires and also 'kick-back' (LC) causing spikes. The Scope then sees this Voltage drop as in the diagram. The ESC sees this Voltage drop as a change in the FC signal. If the drop is enough then a Logic high signal from the FC will look like a Logic low signal and the ESC takes this ...
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