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Any objections to more e-motor building info in English?

Тема раздела Электродвигатели, регуляторы, мотоустановки в категории Cамолёты - Электролеты; Hi all, I still have some links/information/homepages/tricks/ on the subject of do-it-yourself brushless e-motors (not only cd-rom) and d-i-y brushless ...

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    Any objections to more e-motor building info in English?

    Hi all, I still have some links/information/homepages/tricks/ on the subject of do-it-yourself brushless e-motors (not only cd-rom) and d-i-y brushless controller designs. I had a spot of problems in a Polish e-flight forum, they thougt, my messages being in English, I was a commercial spammer. The moderators don't allow messages in English. I would not like to see that happening again.

    Do you mind me posting more info in your forum, every now and then? Don't worry, I will not place my ugly face in each message

    I would like to emphasise that I do not have connections with the outrunner manufacturers (I do meet them once in a while, at electric fly-in's), I'm just very enthusiastic about the do-it-yourself brushless e-motor concept. I'm the owner/moderator of the English discussion group on diy motors:

    I'm also the organiser of my clubs annual international electric fly-in & motor builders meeting, in 2003 we had 80 pilots from Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. Info on the 2004 (13th time) event and 2003 pictures:

    Met vriendelijke groet Ron van Sommeren
    Druten near Nijmegen, the Netherlands
    homebuilding brushless e-motors
    electric fly-in & motor builders meeting June 27th, Nijmegen, NL

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    Записей в дневнике
    I don't have my own opinion, I'm just on behalf of e-flying RC Design guys . They asked me to tell you next things:
    "...30 Watts - in fact, no one needs it. Motor should be like that:
    - diameter 27 mm
    - length 35 mm
    - weight 42 g
    - R=0,068 Ohm
    - 11700 rpm with 8x4 APC prop at 9,6 V 16,5 Amps
    - and about 750 gramms of static thrust ..."

    This is our self-made brushless motor:

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    Сдравствуйте ,могу поделится пораметрами моего бесколлекторного мотора построенного с использовасием железа из винчестера размером 28-10, 12 полюсов. магниты неодим 10-5.5-1.5.провод 0.64 13 витков, при использовании винта 360-200 с прямым приводом получены следующие характеристики: 7 вольт 11 ампер =600 гр тяги и 8 вольт 14 ампер=750 гр тяги на стопе ,вес мотора =60 грамм .с уважением Ланцов Алексей г.С-Петербург

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    Hi Evgeni, lovely motors, do you also have detail pictures/#windings ?

    As soon as I have the lrk/cd-rom FAQ updated, I'll post it here. LRK motors have been built from <200 Watt to > 2-3 kiloWatt. You can access the LRK FAQ (lots of links,tricks, tips), but you have to join the group. That was not my idea, I set the files-section to 'public' when I started the group, but alas, a year ago Yahoo made them all private, nothing I can do about it So some of the links on the groups page are private (photos and files) others are not (links). There are also links that point to other homepages, those of course are public.

    If you don't feel like joining, send me a private message via the forum stating your e-mail address and I will send it via e-mail.

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