Key features:
– ARR Kit is nearly fully pre-assembled and includes performance-enhancing optional parts as standard
– Full ball bearing specifications (20 bearings) ensure smooth movement with minimal drive loss
– 3-piece front bumper protects the chassis from hard crash damage
– Front double-wishbone suspension with longer suspension arms realise excellent driving stability and traction
– Rear suspension is linked to the rigid axle differential to deliver smooth movement and superior traction control
– Gearbox features 32-pitch module counter gear and diff gear. Reinforcement of both gears and large modules realise increased strength (spur gear is 48-pitch)
– Lever lock holder allows easy removal of battery
– Connector holder allows connector to the radio plate to be removed with one hand
– Hex screws are used throughout for easy maintenance
– Pre-cut clear scale body recreates 1970-80’s trophy truck style
– Choose either square or round headlights with the two front grill styles included
– Compatible with LED light unit (No. 97054-2: two lights, 97054-4: four lights) for easy installation

обычный заднеприводный шорт ведь ?