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С помощью, какой программы можно открыть это?

Тема раздела Аппаратура радиоуправления в категории Cамолёты - Общий; С помощью, какой программы можно открыть это?...

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    С помощью, какой программы можно открыть это?

    С помощью, какой программы можно открыть это?

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    Записей в дневнике
    Обычный PDF
    Текст, бывший внутри:
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    Information 2008
    robbe Modellsport GmbH & Co. KG
    Metzloser Straße 36 - D- 36355 Grebenhain
    Tel. (+49) 66 44 - 87-0 / Fax (+49) 66 44 - 87 139
    eMail: verkauf@robbe.com
    eMail: export@robbe.com
    Web: www.robbe.com
    Dear Sir and Madam,
    Every 2.4 GHz FASST transmitter (or RF module) contains a unique code number (GUID) which is assigned during the
    production process. It is this coding which makes it possible to bind a receiver to one transmitter alone. It has come to
    our knowledge that a very small number of non-coded transmitters of the types listed above have been manufactured.
    These non-coded transmitters use the code number GUID=0. If, by chance, two of these non-coded transmitters should
    be used simultaneously at the same location, each may affect the proper operation of the other. If you have noticed any
    unusual behaviour in your FASST transmitter, or simply wish, in the interests of safety, to find out if your device is affected
    by this problem, then please send your RC system to the robbe Service Centre for a free check.
    Additional information and safety measures:
    1. You can carry out a check at the flying field to discover whether any FASST transmitters feature GUID:0. This
    simply involves switching on all the transmitters and receivers simultaneously.
    • If there are unwanted inter-actions between particular systems, stop using the equipment in question, and send the
    devices back to the robbe Service Centre for checking.
    • You can continue to use the remaining RC systems for flight operations, with all the usual FASST reliability.
    • If only one FASST transmitter is in use at a flying site, it is impossible for these problems to arise.
    2. When you switch on your FASST transmitter, you should not switch it off again immediately. Always allow a certain
    period of time - we recommend three to five seconds - for the FASST system to get “up to speed” before you switch
    it off again.
    3. If the transmitter and receiver are no longer bound to each other, we recommend that you send your RC system to
    the robbe Service Centre for checking and examination.
    4. In isolated cases it has been reported that T7CP transmitters lose their GUID if the transmitter is left switched on,
    and the transmitter battery becomes deep-discharged. Investigations on the part of robbe and Futaba have been
    unable to confirm this to date. If your transmitter battery has been deep-discharged, and is no longer bound to the
    receiver, please send the transmitter to the robbe Service Centre.
    When a new receiver is bought separately, its code is GUID:0, and remains so until it is bound to a FASST transmitter.
    In this state the receiver can be used to detect transmitters with GUID:0.
    Futaba’s engineers are aware of this problem, and are working non-stop on a solution to prevent it recurring.verhindern.
    • These difficulties do NOT affect other 2.4 GHz FASST systems and modules which are correctly coded.
    • The TM14 2.4 GHz module is also unaffected by this, as the integrated Area Code would not allow a system to
    operate with GUID=0.
    • RC car systems exploiting 2.4 GHz technology are also UNAFFECTED by this, as these systems employ a different
    coding system with 4.2 billion codes.
    In the next few days additional information on this matter will be published on the robbe website and / or distributed by
    Information from robbe/Futaba concerning
    the following Futaba 2.4 G FASST systems
    T6EXP (No. F 4068 and F 4069), T7CP (No. F 7029)
    and TM7 RF module (No. F 1957)

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    Цитата Сообщение от leprud Посмотреть сообщение
    Обычный PDF
    Для начала WINRAR

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