Выполняем следущее:
1. Все выключатели включить в положение направлением к задней стенке передатчика.
2. Throttle hold (Trainer - для JR9303) switch, тот, что с правой стороны. – удерживать нажатым - "к себе", не отпускаем. AILE D/R – вверх.
3. Включить с нажатой кнопкой Ent.
4. Крутить до пункта Trim Step.
5. Крутить пока AILE не появится на переднем плане.
6. Нажать ролик - активатор (AILE D/R - вверху, крутилку нажать), AILE D/R вниз, крутилку нажать.
7. Повторить предыдущую строку еще 4 раза и на 5-ом (полном) разе появится Сервисное Меню – заводские настройки.
8. Отпустить Trainer (Throttle hold) switch.

1. Попадаем в сервисное меню.
2. Go to "Hard. Con"
3. Now deactivate "Reduced TH" so that your display shows: "Reduced TH:OFF"
4. Exit the service menue via "Reset start(No initialized)
5. Now you should have one more option in the System menu: "STICK MOD"

После этих действий у вас в меню должен появиться"STICK MOD".

Оригинал статьи:

The JR 9XII and JR DSX9 transmitters have a service menu. The service menu can allow you to recentre and calibrate your gimbals and sliders, set the low battery warning voltage and test switches for correct operation. Additionally, the service menu can allow you to acidentally lose all model data stored in your transmitter, void your warranty, and (probably) completely break your transmitter. USE THIS INFORMATION AT YOUR OWN RISK.
Accessing the service menu
To enter the service menu:
1.Begin with the transmitter off, and all switches towards the back of the radio.
2.Hold the trainer switch on right hand side of transmitter (some reports say throttle hold switch) forward.
3.Hold down the scroll wheel, and switch on the radio, entering the system menu. Release the scroll wheel.
4.Use the scroll wheel to select TRIM STEP, then click the scroll wheel to enter the TRIM STEP menu.
5.Use the scroll wheel to select aileron trim step.
6.Click the scroll wheel, then move the aileron dual rate switch forwards or backwards.
7.Repeat step 6 until the service menu appears.
8.Release the trainer switch.

Menu Items
Leave the service menu. [ENT] returns to service menu. The options are:
[LST] Reset start (No initialized)
[CLR] All Initialize Model & System data
[4th] Initialize System data only

I have only ever used the first option, which preserved model data but saved any changes to stick configuration data, etc.

SW test
Shows when switches, trims and roller is detected to have moved. To exit, hold down [ENT] and press the roller.

Hard. Con
Hardware configuration? Options are selected using the roller, and may vary depending on exact version of the transmitter; changing things here could probably seriously damage your radio:
Reduced TH: OFF
Analog TRM: OFF
possibly for North American models that have an analog throttle trim
Trim Popup: ON
possibly controls popup that appears when trim switches are used.
possibly controls default model type
possibly enables/ disables ZPCM modulation (not changable for me).
possibly enables/ disables user changing transmitter stick mode.
possibly controls default transmitter mode.
possibly controls throttle stick reversing.
possibly controls default modulation (not changable for me).
TX H/W: [PCM9X_2]
possibly configures software for transmitter hardware version
[ENT] returns to the service menu.

Stick Nut
This page sets the stick neutral positions. Each channel shows two values
The top value is the stick position with the centre offset applied. Ideally it reads zero when the stick is centred.
The bottom value is the the centre offset, and is quite probably not quite zero.
The values are for the two main gimbals, and also for the sliders on each side of the transmitter.
[ENT] returns to the service menu.
[CLR] clears the centre offsets.
[STO] stores the current stick and slider positions as their centre positons. It will then be necessary to to
[Stick Ga.]
Interestingly, it shows that the stick positions are probably quantized into about 900 discrete values.

Stick Ga.
This page controls a number of items, but primarily the normal range ("amplifier gain") of the gimbals and sliders.
[ENT] returns to the service menu
[CLR] Clears the stick ranges and begins the initialization process
Move each control through the extent of movement and the values will change from white-on-black "125%" to a black-on-white value; the smaller the value, the larger range was detected. Except on the sliders, these values are likely to be within 5% of each other if the sticks have been centred properly. Particularly with the throttle stick, do not push too hard, or you will not be able to reach 0% throttle without your finger on the stick.
Of the other values, LOW Bat probably controls the low battery alarm voltage (default here: 9.0V). The others appear to contain calibration values.

Two options, no idea what they do.
[ENT] returns to service menu
[CLR] Initial model STICK MODE by jumper.
[4th] Initialize model data and Reset start.

[ENT] returns to service menu
The message "Connect DSC & POWER off" appears. The [LST] button is marked "TRANSMIT".

RAM Monit
Many hex values are displayed in a table, and can be scrolled through.

Probably allows editing of memory locations. Leave well alone.
Through this [ENT], [LST], [CLR] and [4th] refer to the buttons on the left hand side of the LCD, in that order, from top to bottom.