Кто-нибудь знаком с приёмниками Berg?

Как вам это:
These are rather special receivers… As soon as powered ON, the receiver learns the characteristics, or the ‘signature’ of your transmitter.  For 72MHz radios (Berg 6 DSP) this incl*udes type of modulation (positive shift, JR, Airtronics, Multiplex) or negative shift (Futaba, Hitec), and the receiver automatically adjusts to work with either shift type.  For 35/36MHz and 40MHz, shift is not an issue, so this feature is not required in the Hyperion DSP*6 receivers.
Then, it learns (and remembers) the number of channels, the keying pulse, and the approximate frame rate of the transmitter.  After that process is completed (it takes all of a few seconds), the receiver will only listen to that particular transmitter.  This process which we call Transmitter Signature Recognition, or TSR, gets ‘refreshed’ every time you turn the receiver ON.
The receiver then starts decoding your transmitter’s commands and passes these on to the servos.  Should the receiver temporarily lose the signal from the transmitter then it will ‘fill in’ the missing pulse or pulses. This condition is called HOLD.  It does this indefinitely, but it will start passing good pulses to the servos again as soon as the radio link is restored.  This process works much, much faster than with PCM systems, and that is a very real advantage over PCM failsafe.
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