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Trotle hold и Idle up режимы, зачем они нужны?

Тема раздела Аппаратура радиоуправления в категории Cамолёты - Общий; Расскажите про них пожалуйста....

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    Trotle hold и Idle up режимы, зачем они нужны?

    Расскажите про них пожалуйста.

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    Терминология для моделей вертолетов

    Idle up
    A feature on most transmitters that will not allow the throttle to fall below a minimum setting. This is useful because the vertical portion of the left stick simultaneously controls throttle and collective. When flying inverted you need negative collective, you do not want your engine to go to idle when you move your stick all the way down, so idle-up will keep the RPMs high so you can maintain inverted flight indefinitely. Effectively putting a "cap" on the low-end of the throttle.

    Throttle Hold
    A feature that comes with many transmitter models. The opposite of Idle-Up, as in, this switch will keep the throttle at idle so that you can increase the collective without gaining high rpms / power. This switch can be used as a "s afety" switch while you carry your heli to the flight line, but is more commonly used to practice autorotations or if tail rotor control is lost causing the heli to pirouette rapidly opposite rotor blade direction, because when the engine is at idle, the tail rotors loose power so the heli will slow down it's pirouettes and you can autorotate to the ground in a more controlled manner. It is also advisable to hit this switch in the case of an emergency so that if the heli hit something it has no power bei ng applied to the rotor / tail blades.

    С уважением, joleg

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