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MULTIPLEX on the subject of 2.4 GHz

Тема раздела Аппаратура, гироскопы, гувернеры, электроника в категории Вертолеты; MULTIPLEX on the subject of 2.4 GHz “2.4 Gigahertz” is a catchword which has been on everyone’s lips - and ...

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    MULTIPLEX on the subject of 2.4 GHz

    MULTIPLEX on the subject of 2.4 GHz

    “2.4 Gigahertz” is a catchword which has been on everyone’s lips - and in all the modelling
    media - for quite a while now. Every day we are asked about it, and we now wish to make
    our position clear:
    New technology!?
    Yes and no.
    Yes, because this frequency band has never before been available for modelling
    purposes, and existing experience with it is not extensive.
    No, because this frequency band (ISM - Industrial Scientific Medical - band) is also
    approved for digital data transmissions, and is already in widespread use in equipment
    such as WLAN systems, Bluetooth devices, cordless telephones, garage door openers
    and even by the “microwave” oven, which is to be found in almost every household.
    What advantages can 2.4 GHz offer us as modellers?
    The advantages are highly interesting - e.g. automatic channel selection, short aerials on
    transmitter and receiver, telemetry applications, higher data transmission rates (many
    high-resolution control functions). However, since the use of 2.4 GHz is not restricted to
    modelling, there is clearly a risk of interference from the numerous other users of this
    band, i.e. from non-modelling applications, and this risk is currently very difficult to assess.
    Experience with 2.4 GHz radio control systems in the USA has been very promising, but
    that experience does not necessarily apply in full to the European market, as the
    permissible transmitter power in America is several times higher than that approved for
    Europe. As is commonly acknowledged, higher transmitter power offers a clear advantage
    in respect of transmission security and range.
    And what about the “legal” side?
    On 01.07.2008 a change in the European technical regulations is to be implemented, and
    it is not yet clear whether the 2.4 GHz products currently being sold will satisfy the new
    rules. In some countries discussions are currently in progress concerning the possibility of
    a total ban on this band for model flying. Even though the law protects users of “existing
    equipment”, i.e. those who have bought such a system will continue to be able to use it,
    problems could arise subsequently regarding availability of accessories and replacement
    parts; this has already occurred with 434 MHz systems, which are still approved to this
    What is MULTIPLEX doing about it?
    Of course, as manufacturers of RC equipment we are anxious to respond to the demands
    of the market. We are keen to meet our customers’ wishes as well as to help to push
    forward with technical developments. At present our view is that it remains to be proved
    conclusively whether this technology works reliably, without limitation, under all conditions,
    for our specialised use as radio control systems for models. A comprehensive programme
    of practical testing needs to be carried out in all situations with all types of model. For all
    these reasons we shall not introduce a system to the market until we are confident of
    being able to offer our customers mature products exploiting future-proof technology.

    MULTIPLEX Modellsport GmbH & Co. KG
    Product management

    P.S. Если коротко: Мы не можем торопиться и выводить на рынок не изученный всесторонне продукты...
    Однако исследования в этом направлении ведутся...

    P.P.S. ) Звучит обнадёживающе...

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    Toronto, Canada
    Записей в дневнике
    Помнится в далеком детстве, когда кто-то из нас во дворе падал, он обычно вскакивал и кричал "-А мне не больно, а мне не больно!!!". Очень напоминает...
    Еще напоминает фразу опоздавшего к столу "Да ничего, я все равно на диете..."
    За те почти два года, как появился этот диапазон для РУ, и остальные производители уже заработали миллионы на аппаратурах и аксессуарах, Мультиплекс всё еще решает, проводить ли ему серьезные исследования в этой области.... 
    Они наверное забыли, в каком веке живут? 
    Забота о добром имени - типичная отмазка. А эта статейка- ну надо же было бы хоть что-нибудь написать в ответ на молчаливый(а может и не молчаливый) вопрос в глазах апологетов этой фирмы "-а почему же вы до сих пор аппаратуру на 2.4 гига не выпускаете?"

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