Может кто встречал рецензии или упоминания. Софт правда только на французском.
По описанию софт слабоват - набор утилит, заинтересовал модуль "Фюзеляж"- моделирование 3D модели и импорт в CAD
The WING group is devoted
to calculate the various profiles of wing of a rectangular, trapezoidal, elliptic form or of a Karman by holding account owing to the fact that the profile can evolve from the root to the tip and that the wing can be twisted;
it also makes it possible to transform the calculated profiles into ribs by the introduction of structural elements such as spars, coversheet, leading edge and trailing edge;
to calculate the negative formes of the various profiles to carry out a framework for assembly or gauges to cut styrofoam with the hot wire.

The goupe FUSELAGE makes it possible to calculate:
sections of a fuselage generated by archs of ellipses;
generation of sections based on three sections (front section, master-section, rear section) drawn with a specific graphic editor;
to visualize in 3D the fuselage thus designed;
like for the wings, one can introduce structural elements into the sections such as coversheet, central scrap, stringers, horizontal or vertical separations in half-formers. It is also possible to calculate the negative trace of the formers to carry out a framework for assembly. Вложение 546Вложение 547Вложение 548

А кому кстати достался RCCAD - награда за банер на RCDESIGN?